How To Find Assets With Social Security Number?

How To Find Assets with Social Security Number

How To Find Assets With Social Security Number?

The idea that one can casually check another person’s assets such as brokerage and bank accounts through their Social Security Number is a tenacious urban myth. It is not that it cannot be done. It is possible to find a person’s assets through a Social Security Number check but with a few exceptions; otherwise, it is illegal.

Furthermore, it is almost impossible to find this information on your own unless you approached the Social Security Administration. And even then, you’d still need good reasons as to why you want this information.

Nevertheless, there are several ways you can locate assets with an SSN; but you have to be cautious not to exceed your legal rights to access such information. If you are looking to find assets using a social security number, but don’t want to approach the Social Security Administration, you can contact a licensed Private Investigator and have them do it for you.

It is not particularly difficult for PIs to come up with asset amounts and locations. This is because we all leave a trail of personal information breadcrumbs that can be used to establish a lot of social security and asset information. With this information, a PI can determine the locations and, at the very least, the approximate value of an individual’s assets.

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However, it is worth noting that you just cannot approach a private investigator and pay him to get a person’s asset information just because you are curious. Since most PIs want to keep their licenses, you will need solid reasons for why you wish to obtain this information. A good idea is if you are getting divorced, and think that your spouse’s assets declaration is untruthful.

With permission, investigators can determine the existence and the location of bank accounts but can’t legally access them. As long as a PI is allowed, he or she has the right to open all known information channels, including bank and brokerage accounts and federal records, to find the information required.

If you are looking to find assets using a social security number, and with a good reason for that, hiring a professional investigator and having them perform an SSN lookup is the best shot you have. At Find Someone’s Social Security Number, we have access to information on law enforcement and Social Security databases. Furthermore, we know how to use this information to make successful asset searches using a Social Security Number.

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