Who is Lance Casey?

My name is Lance Casey and I am a licensed California Private Investigator. #27617

Lance Casey Private Investigator.  Lance is a former undercover cop now private investigator.  Lance started his private investigator business in 2001 after being a police officer for over 10 years.  Part of his law enforcement career involved working undercover as a narcotic detective buying drugs from street level dealers.  

Lance has extensive knowledge on using law enforcement databases and the internet to find information on people. 

Lance States “Everyone has a digital footprint. Their name, date of birth, address, social security number, telephone numbers, email addresses, current and prior employers, relatives, associates, criminal records, property ownership records, professional licenses, social media profiles, are online somewhere.  Because I am a private investigator, I have access to this information on law enforcement type databases that are not available to the public.”

Lance Casey P.I. provides:

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Find someone's social security number is a website developed by California Private Investigator Lance Casey & Associates.  Lance States "We receive calls daily from people who are looking for someone's social security number.  When you order a SSN search, you search will be performed by an actual person.  There are no automated results.  As long as you have a permissible purpose, you can get the SSN.  We offer a 100% money back guarantee.  Your fee will be refunded if we are not able to locate their social security number."