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How To Find Who Lives At This Address

How to find who lives at this address depends on why you need to contact a person. There are different options you can try to figure out who lives at a specific address.

Check Property Ownership Information

There are different sites and apps that specialize in sharing information about real estate and who lives at address. These sites sometimes have detailed records regarding property ownership and recent purchases. Checking the ownership history of an address can help you figure out who the most recent owner is. Keep in mind that this method won't be useful if a person is renting their home or if they purchased it several years ago.

Use An Online Reverse Address Lookup Tool

Using an online directory with a reverse search function is probably the best way to find who lives at this address. You can enter the address you are interested in and find the name of the person who lives there. Note that this information is usually based on public records. It can be outdated and might be available online even though it hasn't been verified.

Contact Your Local Government

There are a few situations where your local government might be able to tell you who lives at an address, or contact this person for you. If you suspect that a person is a registered sex offender, your local law enforcement should provide you with this information. If you need to contact the owner or resident of a specific address for legal purposes, your local government should be able to reach out to this person for you.

Finding out the identity of the owner or resident of an address can be easy if this information is available via public records or if your local law enforcement agency or government can help you with this matter. However, finding out the name of a person might not be possible if this information isn't available via public records.