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How To Get The Last 4 of Someone's Social Security Number?

Enter the partial social security number below. Our fee to give you the last 4 of the SSN is $79

  • Price: $79.00

How to get the last 4 of someone's social?

How to find the last 4 of someone's social?

Can I get someone's last 4 social lookup?

Private Investigator Lance Casey & Associates states "Instant Databases are inherently inaccurate. Don’t be fooled by Background Checking Companies who promise you everything instantly. The results will NOT be accurate! Our searches are conducted by a licensed California Private Investigator across a number of databases."

Is this Service Completely Legal?

Using our service is legal as long as you have a valid purpose. You must have a valid purpose like debt recovery, child support, 1099 filling, etc. We may contact you and request supporting documents after you complete the order.

Don't have a valid purpose.  You can buy someone's SSN & DOB Online Here.

Home Much Does It Cost To Find The Last 4 of Someone's SSN?

California Private Investigator Lance Casey & Associates states "The price to find someone's social number can range between $19.99 & $349.99.  Our price to find the last 4 of someone's SSN is $79

How Does It Work?

Choose the search below.  If you only want the subjects last 4 ssn lookup choose the SSN Search button below.  If you need full information on the subject, choose the Social Security Number Lookup button below.


Need to find a Social Security Number by name? Provided your subject is over 21 years old and has established credit (good or bad), this search is guaranteed to return their full social security number. Docusearch requires a detailed explanation, in writing, regarding the legal necessity for requesting this information. All clients ordering this search will be interviewed. This search will only return your subject’s social security number.

It will not supply addresses, telephone numbers, and dates of birth or any financial history for determining credit worthiness. Subject must be over 21 years old and have established credit.

Social security number lookup

This is a restricted search and is not available to everyone.  Without exception, anyone ordering this search will be interviewed before research begins. You may be required to provide supporting documentation proving the purpose and legality of the search.

Permissible purposes to find a social security number include:

* Work in conjunction with official government business.
* Work in connection with identity fraud.
* Work involving a fraud investigation.
* Work in a civil or criminal investigation, and the social security number is NECESSARY to your investigation.
* Requested by competent court to determine whether defendant is currently in active military.
* Required for debt collection, judgment recovery, child support and wage garnishment.
* Required for issuance of a 1099 or other official tax document to the Internal Revenue Service.

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