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A social security number is something that should be kept at close range and should be heavily guarded, however most companies or organizations may require to locate someone or conduct basic background checks during recruitment of new employees. Families and friends may also decide to make use of a social security number when trying to reconnect with someone they have not been with for a very long time.

There are a number of steps and ways one can adopt when trying to find someone by social security number.

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1. Filling A Form At The Social Security Administration Office

You will be required to fill a form at the social security administration office because the administration has the capacity to locate someone using their social security number. There are cases where a dead person is involved, in such a situation the administration usually gives the location. In cases where a living person is involved the information is given to other people.

2. Checking Websites

In the event where the administration does not provide you with sufficient information you can opt to check the status of various consultancy websites. There are quite a number of consultancy websites available that have the capability to tally social security numbers of large masses of people. These websites also have a number of social security numbers in their databases. These find someone by social security number websites however usually charge a fee for this particular service. After tallying the number they verify and determine the location of the person involved. The location of the person is usually based on their most recent activity.

3. Making Use Of A Private Investigator

You can be able to locate someone by making use of a private investigator.

It has been noted from recent trends that private investigators usually do a fantastic job if you provide them with adequate financial resources. As much as using a private investigator might be an ideal solution when trying to locate someone, you must keep in mind that these are actually human beings who are bound to make mistakes or may fail to give definite answers.

4. Do Your Own Personal Digging

If hiring a private investigator proves to be quite costly, you can consider doing your own personal digging, which is if you do not have enough money. This is a very long shot because it requires a lot of effort, dedication and patience because this task involves using the person’s earlier contacts. Through the contacts you can be able to trace the person’s recent activities or latest transactions. This is a very hectic process and should be considered as a last resort.

5. Petition From The Court

This is when you need to find out whether the person is alive or not. You can file for a formal petition from the court to assist in locating someone by the use of their social security number. The court will help in digging up information about the person using the social security death index that is if the person is suspected to be deceased

It can be clearly seen that finding someone can be a challenging task, however these are the various ways you can find someone by social security number.